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End of Service Notice

End of Service Notice

Dear Armour Hosting Customers,

Thank you for you dedication to our business. Unfortunately, we have to account that we will be shutting down our business due to recent economic downfall related to COVID-19. We are unable to maintain our high quality services to our customers, manage our facilities, and support our staff with the limited resources and remote access at this time.

Shutdown begins 8/1/2020: All new purchases of services will stop

12/1/2020: All services will be discontinued. If you have an active service with us, you can renew your services until December of 2020. But cannot renew in the month of December. All services renewal in the month of December will be terminated at the end date.

If you have an annual subscription that renews in 2021, you will be reimbursed the months left on your subscription from January 2021 to your service end date. Reimbursements will happen in the on-going months leading up to December.

We encourage our customers to start their migration process early for their services. We will do our best to assist you with this process as well.

We highly encourage that you contact us with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to Armour Hosting. We wish you the best.

To login to existing services, visit: https://www.armourhosting.com/clientpanel/