Armour Hosting – Red Cross Donation

      Armour Hosting has put in a donation to the American Red Cross to help in relief efforts internationally. 50% of Armour Hosting profits for the month of September has been donated to the American Red Cross to use in relief efforts in Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, and all other relief efforts including the earthquakes in Mexico.

      We wish everyone and those affected a fast recovery and would like to thank the employee volunteers that went to assist in the disaster relief efforts with the American Red Cross. We would also like to thank all our customers for their purchases and contributions to our mission to help others.


      Armour Hosting is providing support to the Hurricaine Harvey Relief efforts with donations as well as physical support. Armour Hosting has staff depolyed to the disaster zone to help in relief efforts. With thousands of people stranded, many lives loss and homes destroyed, everyone from all over the world going to help. We apologize in advance for any delays or slow responses on orders and support from our staff. Our depolyed staff will be providing support throughout the month of September. Hurricane Harvey relief operations in place in both Texas and Louisiana are estimated to last for months to a year.

      We wish everyone the best and to stay safe. This will we a tough long road to recovery for residents, the state,the economy, and the nation.

      In support of Hurricane Harvey and the other national disasters, Armour Hosting will be donating 50% of all profits made in the month of September to the American Red Cross to help in relief efforts.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support ticket.

      New Dollar Web Hosting Plan!

      Armour Hosting has just released its new web hosting service plan. Dollar Web Hosting!

      You can now get web hosting for only $1! No contract needed, month-to-month payment option available.

      This isn’t a first month cost, you get dollar web hosting for life.

      In addition, Armour Hosting has updated their Silver Level plan to provide unlimited hosting! No restrictions on storage, addon domains, databases, bandwidth. You get unlimited hosting!

      Start Today!

      SSD Hosting Coming Soon

      Armour Hosting is working on providing their client with SSD Web Hosting service. SSD Hosting will provide stronger reliability and faster loading times. Database performance on SSD hosting will be about 1000 times faster in comparison to standard HDD hosting. This means faster loading times for your webpages, therefore attracting more sales and customers to your website.

      The development of SSD hosting is planned to be released in early 2017.

      Celebrating Veteran’s Day

      Armour Hosting would like to show their appreciation for current and former military personnel. In support of the armed forces, Armour Hosting is providing 50% all shared web hosting products.

      PROMOCODE: VetDay2016

      Valid for veteran’s day only! November 11th, 2016

      In addition, Armour Hosting is providing a free year of web hosting to any current and former military personnel. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

      Multiple Payment Gateways

      Armour Hosting now allows multiple payment gateways. You can choose between using 2CheckOut or PayPal payment gateway. Both methods are secure and reliable payment gateways that are available for the payment of your services.

      What is the difference?

      2CheckOut has more flexibility in the card holder options that you can use to pay for your service. You can also use PayPal in this payment gateway as well. You can pay for your service without needing to create an account

      PayPal allows secure payment gateway with your PayPal account directly. Card holders option are available if you do not want to create an account but is recommended to have a PayPal account to complete transactions.

      Armour Hosting 2017 Update

      Armour Hosting has re-modeled their website for the upcoming 2017 year. We are excited to announce that our website and client panel is now fully functional and mobile compatible. We originally released our client panel in 2015. Our developers have worked hard on making it easy to use. You can now manage your services from virtually anywhere. We have updated our client panel to provide our customers with an easy to use and understand interface and increased flexibility with their service.

      Upcoming to the new 2017 year.

      • mobile compatible site
      • Increase server availability
      • vps/dedicated management panel
      • New call center structure
      • More web design services/features
      • improved live chat software
      • new projects
      • game/voice server development

      Armour Hosting giving back to the community

      Armour Hosting loves their customers and love to help others. This summer, Armour Hosting has made an in-kind donation of medical equipment to a local cancer awareness event to provide medical treatment for the event as well as having certified employees attend and volunteer for the event.

      We love to continue supporting our community. If you would like Armour Hosting to be a partner or sponsor for your event. Please contact us: [email protected]