How to View Stats in cPanel

This tutorial will teach you how to check on who is viewing your website using the program in cPanel called AWStats.
This program updates every 24 hours, also being update by pressing the "Update Now" button.

The report gives details about the amount of people coming to your site, along with other information that you will find useful. It includes things like: Countries, Visit duration, Connects to site from, Search key phrases, Search keywords, monthly, daily and hourly history, and other critical information to help you improve your web presence.

To access AWStats, login to cPanel. Go to the Logs Section. Click on the AWStats Icon. Click the view icon next to the domain you are interested in. You are now viewing the stats for that domain.

To help understand the AWStats page, go to
You will find a complete listing of all the terms and gain a better understanding of what the AWStats are telling you.
This concludes this tutorial. You now know how to find and view AWStats.

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