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We value your information and totally respect your privacy. We at Armourhosting.com are keen to protect all information and data related to you. Our Privacy Policy explains what personal information of our subscribers (refereed as: “Subscribers”) and visitors (refereed as: “Visitors”) (collectively refereed as: “Users”):

i- is collected; and

ii- how and when it might be used or shared by us (refereed as: “Company”); or

iii- our trusted partners to deliver or improve our services.


We provide Web Hosting solutions, including web-hosting, domain name related products and services, to individuals, businesses, organizations and other entities. As a diversified solution provider, we are able to provide a vast variety and range of products and services to help the Users with their technological requirements.


Information is collected by various means from the Users who may access or utilize our services, or the related network of websites and other sources accessible through our services portfolio.

a. Registration and Account Information : Subscribers are asked to provide certain personal information when they sign up for our services including name, email id, postal address, contact number, and billing details (such as a credit card number). Subscribers will also be asked to complete an online form that collects information about demographics, service usage and favourite services, along with other relevant information that helps us improve our services. Gathered demographic information possibly will be shared with associates, partners, market researchers and other third parties cumulatively. In such case, no individually identifiable details/information will be tied to such cumulative demographic information which is provided with third parties.

b. Social Media : Our website has integrated social media features (such as the Facebook “Like” & “Share” buttons). These features can gather information like your IP address and visited page on our website, and may assign a cookie to enable any of these features to function properly. Use of any of these features is managed by the privacy policy of the entity providing that feature.

c. Cookies: Our website may use “cookies” for improving our services to enhance Users online experience by making website navigation easier and ascertaining better performance of various features. Cookies are text files which are usually copied by the websites on user’s hard drive when they visits website to identify their computer. Cookies may record user’s preferences and other data like their website visit. We do not acquire any sort of personal or sensitive information about any user during the process. You can disable cookies via your web browser, but kindly note that this may cause few services to not function correctly, which may cause hindrance in website surfing experience.

d. Third Party Cookies: Third-party advertising companies’ ads can be served across internet on our behalf. These may gather and use information about your visits to this and other websites and your interaction with our products and services in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. However, no personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, email address or telephone number) will be connected with such information. They may use information about your visits to this and other websites to target advertisements for goods and services and may be used to keep track of user response to each advertisement. These targeted advertisements may appear on our Websites or on other sites that you visit. The anonymous information is collected through the use of a pixel tag or cookies, which are industry standard technologies, used by most major websites. If you do not want such companies to collect this information you may opt-out. We do not control use of third party cookies and hence are not liable for information collected through/by them.

Please note that if you delete your cookies, use a different browser, or buy a new computer, you will need to renew your opt-out choice.

e. Web Beacons: The Websites may contain electronic images (called a “single-pixel GIF” or a “web beacon”) that allow a website to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. No personally identifiable information will be transmitted via web beacons.

f. Telephone Recording: We record and/or monitor phone calls to make sure our valued customers receive quality service. It is done to ensure that prompt, reliable assistance and precise information is provided to the customers in a professional manner. While creating an account on our website, contacting us, or by otherwise availing any of our services, you hereby agree to such call recording and/or monitoring.

g. Customer Surveys : We may perform periodic customer surveys, in which participation is voluntary. But, we encourage Users to take part in these surveys since your feedback provides us vital information to help us enhance the services we offer and how we offer them to you. If you supply your personal information, it will remain top secret, even if the survey is carried out by a third party on our behalf.

h. Collection by Linked Websites : Often links are provided to various third party websites to provide ease to Users. Whenever you make visit or perform any procurement via these third party sites, you may perhaps required to provide personal information, like name, email id, address, contact number, and credit/debit card details. The linked websites have separate and self-regulating privacy policy and terms of use which we strongly urge you to read carefully. Kindly note that in any such case, you are sharing information to a third party and as we don’t have any control above these third party’s information usage policy you provided, hence we have not any responsibility/liability for the way in which third party operating linked website may gather, utilize, disclose, or else treat your personal information. We will not, in any case, provide your personal information to third parties without your permission.

i. Financial Information: Certain financial information is gathered and kept while you perform any transaction/procurement regarding our services and products. For example, we need you to give a credit card details before we will process your request. We, in any case, will not share, trade/sell or rent out any financial details gathered from you except for as disclosed under this Privacy Policy or as required to execute any order for our services or products.

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j. Other Information: We gather and retain various other types of information every time you interact with our website. For example, the type of web browser being used by you is tracked by our servers and the page from which you are linked. Furthermore, we monitor IP addresses (a unique number assigned to every computer on the Internet) in order to enhance security and analyze browsing trends. We utilize this information to determine the efficacy of our website, for statistical analysis purposes and to perk up our services and products. We can use this information for marketing purposes and to keep you updated with new information, which may possibly be of your interest. In addition, gathered demographic information possibly will be shared with associates, partners, market researchers and other third parties cumulatively. In such case, no individually identifiable details/information will be tied to such cumulative demographic information which is provided with third parties.

3. OBTAINING INFORMATION FROM OTHER SOURCES: We may complement your provided information to us by obtaining publically, freely or commercially accessible information as available from 3rd parties or available in the public domain, like, to authenticate your address or to bring up to date information and to generate a profile of your favourites. In this way, we also keep you updated regarding services and products that we consider will be of significance to you. Additionally, we may acquire any non-sensitive sort of contact information from third parties, by means of bulk access licenses via other registrars.

4. USE OF INFORMATION : We may use the information we collect to provide optimum customized experience of our services and solutions besides collecting payment.

a. Subscriber Contact/Account Information : The collected Subscribers information is used in managing every Subscriber’s account (like for invoicing) and for promotion of other services and products that we consider may be of significance to the Subscriber. We may also create summative profiles from details/information that Subscribers give through registration (such as the overall Subscribers in any given category). As described in detail under; we may in some occasions use cumulative and non-identifiable information to promote ads that emerge on our website and are related to our services.

b. Analytics/Statistics : We use analytical information collected from our website (like, IP addresses of Users) to help detect and analyse problems with our servers, and to optimize our website. We also collect demographic information/details from this data to lead us in improvement of our website and make your surfing and procuring experience more open, competent, efficient and pleasurable. Any data/statistics collected by us are the sole proprietary property of the Company.

c. Responses to Email Inquiries : When an email is send by Subscribers regarding any query or inquiry, the sending email address (and/or any other personal contact information provided in the inquiry) is used to answer the email query or inquiry.

d. Customer Surveys : We may use the contact and other information provided to follow up with Users who respond to our customer surveys to help resolve issues internally or with our third party partners. For example, we may contact Users based on their survey answers or to highlight certain changes we made in response to User feedback.

5. SHARING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION OR NON-IDENTIFYING AGGREGATED DATA: Periodically, company may distribute Users personal information with the Company’s other entities, brands and/or divisions (fully or partially-owned) to enhance or propose/offer new services or products that we trust can be of significance to our Users. We may also provide, share and/or distribute Users personal information when we believe or trust that such revelation is mandatory by law, to provide/offer a service or product, or as described below:

a. Service and Product Partners: Several services and products are offered or endorsed to Users in collaboration with a sponsor or partner to offer the related services or to run the ads/promotion. In such stances, specific User information like demographic information or contact details is shared; however no billing details or information of any sort, with these sponsors or partners is shared or distributed. If we distribute/share any sort of User information with such sponsors or partners, we necessitate that they retain the User information in assurance, and utilize the information exclusively for purposes and intentions of offering the services or carrying out the agreed upon advertising.

b. Service Providers: We may provide or share your personal details or information to 3rd parties that assist us in providing our services or providing services on our behalf. Like, we may employ service providers to approve and process payments, manage surveys, or run ads/promotions. Your personal details or information may be retained and processed by our 3rd party service providers in the USA or in other related jurisdictions. Our service providers are only given the information they require to execute their selected functions, and we do not, in any condition, authorize them to utilize or reveal personal details or information for their own promotion or other intentions/purposes.

c. Online Advertisements: We do not distribute or share personally identifiable details or information about individual Users with the advertisers. We may exhibit online advertisements and we may provide or distribute aggregated and non-identifying details or information regarding our Users that we gather during the registration procedure or during online surveys, promotions and ads with specific advertisers. At some occasions, we utilize this cumulative and non-identifying details or information to provide custom-made ads or advertisements. For instance, a promoter may ask us the viewers they want to contact/reach (e.g., females between 20 and 45 years of age) and present us with an advertisement customized to the audience. Based upon the cumulative and non-identifying data/information we have gathered, we may then exhibit the ad or advertisement to the desired targeted audience.

d. Customer Surveys: We may provide or distribute User information acquired from customer surveys inside the Company and with reliable 3rd parties to devise, develop or offer services and products that we trust would be of significance to the User.

e. Sale of Business: If the Company is engaged in a acquisition, merger, or sale, deal or trade of the entire or a material fraction or portion of its possessions, assets, change in corporate control, or liquidation, insolvency or bankruptcy event/proceedings, you will be informed through email and/or a distinguished prominent notice on our website or affiliated website of any such transformation or change in ownership or utilization of your personal details or information as well any preferences or choices you may have pertaining your personal details or information.

f. Law Enforcement and Special Cases: We and/or our partner service providers may unveil personal details or information regarding Users, or details/information about your utilization of the services and products in response to the governmental or legal requests or inquiries (like to a search warrant, subpoena or court orders), or as requisite to comply or obey with applicable regulations and laws. We may also unveil details or information that is required to contact, identify, or carry legal action against an entity or party that pressurize or threatens us, our organizations or our Users (like, to prevent a Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, attack).

g. Domain Registration: In specific jurisdictions or obligation to the rules and regulations of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) or certain registries, the contact details and information you furnish to register a domain name (“Domain Name Registration Information”) has to be made accessible and available to the public via “WHOIS” search. The WHOIS database is a publicly available database that lists the Domain Name Registration Information for a particular domain name, the name server(s) to which the domain name points, and the domain name’s creation and expiration date. The Domain Name Registration Information you furnish is hosted by us or a 3rd party service provider and is made accessible to the public through WHOIS searches. On occasions, subscribers may be given or receive solicitations that arise from searches of the publicly accessible WHOIS database by other individuals, associations or companies. Any such solicitations or SPAM do not come from us and we do not control the use of WHOIS information by third parties. We may also deposit your Domain Name Registration Information with a third-party escrow provider to comply with ICANN requirements.


a. Public Forums: Please memorize that every information you may unveil or post in our User forums, testimonials, spotlights, case studies, or other public areas of our websites or the Internet, be converted into a public information. You must exercise care and vigilance when choosing to unveil personal details or information in these public areas. To request deletion of your personal details or information from our community testimonials or forums, please write to us at [email protected]. If in any case, we may be unable to delete or eliminate your personal information, will inform you about the grounds and reasons for which we are not able to do so.

b. Unsubscribe/Opt-out: Whenever you subscribe at [email protected], you automatically become subscribed to get transactional information and notice concerning your account, email newsletters and updates of particular promotions put forward through our company and/or in collaboration with our partners.

To unsubscribe from Armour Hosting newsletters and other promotional mailings, please inform about your preferences by sending an email at Armour Hosting support. If you want to cancel your subscription, please contact Armour Hosting support via online support form or call at +1 (888) 633 8996. You can also unsubscribe with the help of links provided in relevant promotional emails delivered by us or our affiliates/partners.

c. How to Access or Modify Your Information: You can access, revise, update and/or make corrections in your personal details or information held in our care and control, however, these alterations are subject to specific various exceptions as provided by law. You may request for access, update and modifications of mistakes in your personal details or information, having in our care or control by making an access to your personal profile of your account or by sending an e-mail to our support, or by making a phone or via an online chat. Our representatives can request specific personal details or information for identity verification purposes of the person requesting for access to their personal profile or information records.

To make sure that you get the details or information you require or want to administer or supervise your account and guard your privacy, please make it sure to keep your contact and billing details or information updated. For this purpose, any account-related detail or information can be updated directly from your Control Panel. Otherwise, contact Armour Hosting support by calling at +1 (888) 633 8996 or through our online support form.

7. OUR PLEDGE TO DATA SECURITY. We have taken every measure to ensure that your personal details or information in our care and control are well protected. We keep practical managerial, administrative, technological and physical safety measures and protocols with an aim to protect unauthorized and illicit access, usage, alteration and revelation of personal details or information in our care and control. Regrettably, no data storage space or communication over Internet or any other wireless platform/network can be guaranteed as 100% secure. Resultantly, as we make every effort to protect and guard your personal detail, data or information in transfer and/or stored on our storage server(s) and systems or the storage or systems of our 3rd party service providers, you acknowledge that:

i. there are privacy and security limitations and restrictions of the Internet which are a far from our control;

ii. there is no guaranty of the integrity, privacy and security of any details or information and data swapped between you and Armour Hosting at and/or through this website; and

iii. any such details or information and data can be viewed, inspected, tampered or interfered in transition by a 3rd party, in spite of our utmost efforts. Any sensitive information (such as a credit card details) entered by you on our or our trusted partners’ website order forms, the transmission/transfer of that detail or information is encrypted by using secure socket layer technology (SSL).



8. Procedures Used To Protect Personal Information

We strive to guard the protection and security of your financial details and information during transfer by using Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) software, which encrypts the all information you punch on the Website. Regrettably, no data storage space or communication over Internet or any other wireless platform/network can be guaranteed as 100% secure. Therefore, while we make every effort to employ commercially viable and suitable means complying with industrial standards to protect all of your personal details and information, we cannot assure its utter security. However, by adopting few easy precautions, you can help yourself to ensure additional security. For example, it is vital to guard against any unauthorized and un-official access to your computer system and to any www.armourhosting.com account information like username and password; and to ensure to sign off once finished using a pooled/shared computer.

Password: Your selected password can effectively protect certain personal information that is accessed online. It is strongly recommended, in any circumstances, that you do not share or disclose your password to anybody. Armourhosting.com will never request or enquire you for your any password in any communication (such as e-mail message, phone calls or letters).

9. MODIFICATIONS TO THIS POLICY: We reserve all the rights to alter, amend, revise, modify or transform this Privacy Policy at any point and in any approach or way. On the other hand, if we intend to materially alter or modify, how we plan to use formerly collected personal details and information, we will give you an advance notice ahead of any change becoming effectual and an option to opt-out of any differing usages. We persuade you to regularly visit and check this page for any up-to-date information on our privacy practices. You can find about the updating info of this Privacy Policy at the end of this page.

10. CHILDREN UNDER 18: This website, in any way whatsoever, is not focussed towards children and we don’t seek out to gather any personal details or information from children. If we get aware or informed that any personal details or information from any child under the age of 18 years has been gathered, we’ll exercise all reasonable and effective efforts and means to remove such details and information from our database.

11. CONTACT US REGARDING THIS POLICY: Please contact at the below address in case you have any query concerning this Privacy Policy or the approaches/ways described here:

[email protected]

12. APPLICABLE TO ALL RESELLER RELATIONSHIPS. Besides all of the terms and conditions set and elaborated above, the below mentioned terms and conditions exclusively apply to Reseller relationships:

a. Information Related to Data Collected through Resellers: We may gather details and information under the recommendations or instructions of Resellers, and we have no direct association, relationship or bond with those individuals whose personal data or information is supplied, process or acquired by our Resellers. Clients who want to access, or who want to alter, improve or remove incorrect data should submit/forward their enquiry or reservation to the Reseller’s representatives or their data controller. If the Reseller requests us to erase the data, we will take action on such requests in 30 (thirty) business days.

b. Opt-out Choice: If you are a client of any of our authorized Resellers and may no longer want to be contacted by such Reseller, kindly contact the respective Reseller from whom you procured the services or products.

c. Data Retention: Personal data and information processed on account of our Resellers is kept by us for so long as essential and required to offer services under the association. We’ll keep and utilize this personal information and details as required to fulfil our legal obligations & commitments, resolve disagreements & disputes, and implement our agreements.


By opting to visit the websites and/or using any Armourhosting.com services, you agree and make consent that any dispute or clash you may have concerning this Privacy Policy and the use of your any details, data and information by Armourhosting.com shall be administered and governed by the regulations and laws of the United States of America and the State of California, exclusive of consideration to conflict of laws principles, as if the Agreement/Accord was a contract entirely entered into and completely executed inside Los Angeles in the state of California. Furthermore, you agree that any court, legal or judicial proceedings relating or regarding to or arising out of this Privacy Policy or the use of your details, data and/or information by Armourhosting.com shall be convened and persuaded only in a federal or state court of competent jurisdiction in Los Angeles in the State of California. You approve to the special and personal jurisdiction/control/authority of such court and surrender/waive the right to challenge/defy the jurisdiction/control/authority of such court on basis of be short of personal jurisdiction/control/authority or forum non convenience, or else seek a change/transformation of venue. Kindly note that, if you enter into other accords or agreements with Armourhosting.com, such other agreements may replace this Privacy Policy. In case of any concerns regarding your privacy at Armourhosting.com, kindly contact the customer support, and we will try our best to resolve it.

Effective Date

The Effective Date of this Privacy Policy is placed below. Owing to the persistently altering nature of our business, we retain and reserve the right to transform, update, modify or change this Privacy Policy at any time on our solitary discretion and judgement, and will post and publicize any new Privacy Policy here. Any such transformation, update, alteration or modification will be effective instantaneously upon making public on our Website. It’s your liability and responsibility for frequently visiting and checking our Website to remain apprised of latest changes. By visiting our Websites or utilizing our services subsequent to the Effective Date, you are believed to have consented and approved to our up to date and then-current Privacy Policy and will be governed and bound by its terms and conditions.

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For any queries and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Support at: [email protected]

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